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Approach to Care

At Palm Beach Hand to Shoulder, our mission is to deliver exceptional surgical care for the Shoulder and Upper Extremity, utilizing the latest scientific evidence and technology, and a personalized, patient-centered approach.

In an age when medicine and health care delivery have taken on an industrialized and depersonalized feel,  Palm Beach Hand to Shoulder offers a small, contemporary office setting with kind and competent team members who are responsive to each patient's needs. Dr. Diaz delivers care that is precise and targeted to the specific circumstances and goals of each individual.

We take an individualized approach to treating musculoskeletal conditions of the upper extremity. Your consultation will include a detailed assessment of your symptoms and any associated functional limitations, a discussion of your goals and activity demands, a thorough examination, and in many cases, in-office x-rays to make a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan. Dr. Diaz may also recommend more advanced studies such as MRI, CT, or nerve tests.

Dr. Diaz Performing Surgery


Dr. Diaz adheres to a philosophy of shared decision making with her patients and will discuss all treatment options available, both nonoperative and surgical. She is up to date with the latest surgical techniques and with evidence-based upper extremity care. The ultimate goal is to return you to a pain-free pursuit of athletics, work, and enjoyment of life.