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Thank you for choosing The Orthopaedic Institute. If you are scheduled for surgery with our practice, please review this section carefully.

Please review the information below regarding your scheduled surgery:

Surgery Checklist

  1. Review medications that may need to be stopped for surgery 
  2. Schedule blood work and testing 
  3. Schedule appointment with your PCP or cardiologist
  4. Focus on good nutrition
  5. Be available by phone leading up to surgery
  6. Familiarize yourself with location of surgery facility
  7. Except for hand surgery under local anesthesia, arrange for transportation and friend or family care on the night after surgery
  8. Cleanse surgical site as instructed
  9. Do not eat or drink anything after midnight on the night before surgery

For further details please read the information relevant to your scheduled surgery carefully:

Scheduling Questions

Please call or email with any surgical scheduling or billing questions. Be advised we can only provide pricing information for surgeon professional service fees. Inquiries related to facility fees, anesthesia services, and implant costs should be directed to the surgical facility. We encourage you to clarify any uncertainties about coverage and individual financial responsibility directly with your insurance.