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Dupuytren Contracture | Dupuytren Disease- Palm Beach, FL

In 2012, Dr. Diaz was privileged to take over the practice of Dr. Charles Eaton, a world-renowned hand surgeon and expert on Dupuytren disease, when he exited clinical practice to focus his energies on Dupuytren research. Dr. Eaton was the first American surgeon to adopt percutaneous needle release, or needle aponeurotomy/fasciotomy (NA), having traveled to Paris to learn the technique from the originators. This technique involves an in-office procedure under local anesthesia. Dr. Diaz will use the beveled edge of a small needle to divide the scar-like Dupuytren tissue that is not allowing the finger(s) to straighten. Needle aponeurotomy has helped many patients with functionally disabling Dupuytren contracture avoid surgery with a lengthy recovery and often unpredictable result. Dr. Diaz is honored to carry on the tradition of a high-volume NA practice for patients looking for an alternative to surgery or costly enzyme (collagenase) injections. Not everyone with Dupuytren contracture is a candidate for NA. To find out if you are, schedule a consultation with Dr. Diaz.

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